Un’e-mail del 31/12/2009

Ebbene si, ancora quelli di Charity: Water, che il 31 dicembre 2009(negli USA l’ultimo dell’anno è il giorno in cui le charities ricevono più donazioni) mi inviano questa bella e-mail per celebrare i successi dell’anno ormai passato.

L’avessi fatta io, forse avrei aggiunto anche un link specifico per fare le donazioni… ma trovo comunque splendida l’idea di scrivere ai donatori per dirgli “ehi, guarda cosa abbiamo fatto quest’anno”.

It’s December 31st, and the world is getting nostalgic as we end a decade. We have this habit of fixing our gaze on the future, looking for the next big thing. But today, we wanted to stop and take a moment to celebrate the impact you’ve helped us make in 2009.

In 2009 we…

This year charity: water grew almost 40% in a tough economy and raised more than $8.5 million for water projects and operations.
Our growing water program moved into 16 countries and included projects in Cambodia and Sierra Leone.
1,145 new freshwater projects were added in 2009, including 200 at schools and 26 at health clinics.
mycharitywater.org was born in September ’09 – a fundraising platform that empowers individuals to start campaigns that raise money for wells. Just four months old and still in Beta, the site has raised over $1.1 million.
@charitywater became the first non-profit to reach more than 1 million followers on Twitter.
We were the proud recipients of the first ever global Twestival (Twitter + Festival). People in 207 cities got together to host grassroots fundraising events for clean water, raising more than $250,000.
In September, the Water for Schools campaign got rolling. We talked to students here about the need for clean water in schools around the world.
got noticed.
We were featured in the media over 100 times, including pieces in the New York Times, CNN and ABC.
Helped 1 million people get clean and safe drinking water.
This year with your help, we raised enough to be able to serve our first one million people with clean, safe drinking water. 1,081,612 to be exact.

Thank you.

-the charity: water team – www.charitywater.org



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